NurPhoto Agency

Nur in Arabic light. NurPhoto Agency was founded in 2013 by photojournalist Manuel Romano. The photojournalistic agency's aim is to giving light to the stories, places and events capable of affecting the viewer, to raising questions rather than suggesting answers. A photo thanks to which is possible to investigate the human condition not only framing aspects libelous, dramatic and spectacularly, but that even forcibly seek beauty.

NurPhoto, which is a benchmark for quality photography, works more than 1.500 photos per day in digital format on major news, politics, economics, sports and entertainment in all around the World.

The images, that NurPhoto realises, want to brand themselves for a specific language: the vibrant and dynamic "street photographer"... it's just walking, living among the people, giving oneself up completely in reality and sharing their social life, which can be summed up in a frame on the poetry of the everyday.

NurPhoto aspires to make possible a global awareness through the diffusion of news from all over the word in an international perspective focusing on humanist and multi-cultural. Thanks to this aim the agency is composed by an international team such as correspondents, journalists, photographers, graphic designers, translators, and videographers.

The agency encourages the largest distribution of the informative material that collects and produces. For this reason it promotes partnerships with other agencies as well as reaching an agreement thanks to web sites and other means of communication.